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Packages that use HttpRpcProcessor
com.flat502.rox.client Client-side API and supporting classes. 
com.flat502.rox.http Utility classes for packing and unpacking HTTP messages. 
com.flat502.rox.processing Central location for shared client- and server-side processing logic. 
com.flat502.rox.server Server-side API and supporting classes. 

Uses of HttpRpcProcessor in com.flat502.rox.client

Subclasses of HttpRpcProcessor in com.flat502.rox.client
 class HttpRpcClient
          This is the client-side RPC interface.
 class XmlRpcClient
          This is the client-side XML-RPC interface.

Uses of HttpRpcProcessor in com.flat502.rox.http

Methods in com.flat502.rox.http that return HttpRpcProcessor
 HttpRpcProcessor HttpMessageBuffer.getOrigin()
 HttpRpcProcessor ProcessingException.getProcessor()

Constructors in com.flat502.rox.http with parameters of type HttpRpcProcessor
HttpMessageBuffer(HttpRpcProcessor processor, socket)
          Construct a new buffer for the given socket.
ProcessingException(HttpRpcProcessor processor, socket, java.lang.Throwable cause)

Uses of HttpRpcProcessor in com.flat502.rox.processing

Methods in com.flat502.rox.processing with parameters of type HttpRpcProcessor
protected  void ResourcePool.detach(HttpRpcProcessor processor)

Uses of HttpRpcProcessor in com.flat502.rox.server

Subclasses of HttpRpcProcessor in com.flat502.rox.server
 class HttpRpcServer
          This is the server-side RPC interface.
 class XmlRpcServer
          This is the server-side XML-RPC interface.