Class AbstractRpcResponse

  extended by com.flat502.rox.marshal.AbstractRpcResponse
All Implemented Interfaces:
RpcMethod, RpcResponse

public abstract class AbstractRpcResponse
extends java.lang.Object
implements RpcResponse

An abstract implementation of the RpcResponse interface.

This interface handles the "drudgery" of storing a return value and the implementation of RpcResponse.getReturnValue().

Constructor Summary
AbstractRpcResponse(java.lang.Object returnValue)
Method Summary
 java.lang.Object getReturnValue()
          Get the return value for this method call response.
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getContentType, marshal

Constructor Detail


public AbstractRpcResponse(java.lang.Object returnValue)
Method Detail


public java.lang.Object getReturnValue()
Description copied from interface: RpcResponse
Get the return value for this method call response.

The range of types this method may return is dependent on the underlying implementation.

Implementations are free to return null but, once again, whether or this is supported is implementation-dependent.

Specified by:
getReturnValue in interface RpcResponse
The return value for this method call response.