Class XmlRpcMarshallerJ5

  extended by com.flat502.rox.marshal.xmlrpc.XmlRpcMarshaller
      extended by com.flat502.rox.marshal.xmlrpc.XmlRpcMarshallerJ5
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public class XmlRpcMarshallerJ5
extends XmlRpcMarshaller

A sub-class of XmlRpcMarshaller providing support for Java 5.

This support essentially boils down to handling Enum types and generically typed collections.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface com.flat502.rox.marshal.xmlrpc.XmlRpcConstants
XmlRpcConstants.ContentTypes, XmlRpcConstants.Formats, XmlRpcConstants.Tags, XmlRpcConstants.Types
Constructor Summary
protected XmlRpcMarshallerJ5(FieldNameEncoder fieldNameEncoder)
Method Summary
protected  void marshalObject(XmlPrinter out, int depth, java.lang.Object param)
          Marshals an Object that is not one of the standard types in the mapping table discussed in the description of this class.
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encodeFieldName, getBase64TagName, getBooleanTagName, getDateFormat, getDateTagName, getDoubleTagName, getIntTagName, getStringTagName, marshalList, marshalMap, marshalValue, marshalValue, marshalValue, marshalValue, marshalValue, marshalValue, marshalValue, newDateFormat, newXmlWriter, setCompactXml
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Constructor Detail


protected XmlRpcMarshallerJ5(FieldNameEncoder fieldNameEncoder)
Method Detail


protected void marshalObject(XmlPrinter out,
                             int depth,
                             java.lang.Object param)
                      throws MarshallingException,
Description copied from class: XmlRpcMarshaller
Marshals an Object that is not one of the standard types in the mapping table discussed in the description of this class.

The object is not a simple type (Integer etc) and does not implement either the Map or List interface.

marshalObject in class XmlRpcMarshaller
depth - Used for pretty printing the output. Implementations are free to ignore this parameter.
param - The object to marshal