Package com.flat502.rox.server

Server-side API and supporting classes.


Interface Summary
AcceptPolicy A very simple accept policy interface.
AsynchronousRequestHandler Interface for asynchronous RPC method call handlers.
AsyncRequestHandler Deprecated. Use AsynchronousRequestHandler instead.
RequestHandler Base Interface for methodCall handlers.
ResponseChannel An interface for delivering asynchronous RPC method responses.
SSLSessionPolicy A very simple accept policy interface.
SynchronousRequestHandler Interface for synchronous RPC method call handlers.
SyncRequestHandler Deprecated. Use SynchronousRequestHandler instead.

Class Summary
CgiRequestUnmarshaller An HttpRequestUnmarshaller implementation that maps CGI-style HTTP GET requests onto XML-RPC methods.
DeferredMethodCall A utility class that pairs up an RpcMethodProxy instance with an asynchronous method call.
HttpRequestUnmarshaller An abstract base class for request unmarshaller implementations.
HttpRpcServer This is the server-side RPC interface.
ProxyingRequestHandler A SynchronousRequestHandler implementation that maps RPC method calls onto methods on an arbitrary object using reflection.
RpcMethodProxy This class dynamically proxies a plain old Java object (POJO) by mapping RPC method calls onto methods onto a target object using reflection.
SimpleSSLSessionPolicy A very simple SSL session policy that rejects sessions based on a white-list of subjects and/or issuer names.
XmlRpcMethodProxy This is a specialization of RpcMethodProxy that creates objects that cater for XML-RPC.
XmlRpcProxyingRequestHandler A ProxyingRequestHandler implementation specialized for XML-RPC.
XmlRpcServer This is the server-side XML-RPC interface.

Package com.flat502.rox.server Description

Server-side API and supporting classes.

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